GZN Series Concentrator

GZN Series Concentrator

The machine introduces the foreign advanced technologythat advantage of the traditional central drive and peripheral drive concentrators.It is the upgrading product of the traditional concentrator.It id widely used in concentration and purification of mineral processing,metallugy,chemical industry and coal including solid slurry,which serves as a new generation of intelligent control of concentrator.

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Performance Characteristics

1. It adopts a central deep feeding and horizontal flow sedimentation with high concentration efficiency. The processing capacity could achieve 2.5~3.5m^3/m^2 .h.

2. Hydraulic pressure automatically makes segmented rake .The rake frame could hoist alone or simultaneously according to the resistance with a reliable action.

3. Rake height could be adjusted arbitrarily according to requirements. The scraper could increase above the water level from the lowest working position, which makes it convenient for overhaul.

4.It is set with a central mixing device with a high bottom flow concentration. The materials in the conic pit will rvot gather together.

5. In case of long-term outage and fault, automatic and manual operation of machinery cleaning could be realized to save labor and materials;

6. Peripheral driving device that drives the bridge rotation could have stepless speed regulation to better adapt to the requirements of differem work conditions and to achieve the best results.

7. The machine adopts PLC program to control, which can participate in the centralized control. It is set with two kinds of working manners ol automatic and manual types It has the functions of overload alarm ar>d fault latch, which makes i! convenient for examination and repair

8. The collecting device is a fully compact structure with good and reliable collecting performance.

9. The central rotating mechanism adopts a rotation bearing structure with a reliable quality.

Main Technical Parameters


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