Peripheral Driving Concentrator

Peripheral Driving Concentrator

Peripheral driving concentrator is mainly composed of girder(operating bridge),central support and collecting device,driving device,mud scraping device,scum scraper,steady flow barrel,scum rake plate,small scraper,grid,overflow device and control cabinet.

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Product Description

The central suppot is composed of fixed support,selwing bearing and frame,which could bear the axial force,radial force and overturing moment at the same time.The collecting device adopts slip-ring collecting device, composed of collector ring and electric brush frame. Scum scraper, scum rake plate and scum funnel compose scum removing mechanism, which could effectively remove the water surface scum. Girder is the large component connecting central support and walking beam, above which there are sidewalk plate and bar. Steel beam connects mud scraper, scum removing mechanism and small scraper below to accomplish the mud scraping and scum removing driven by the walking beam.

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