SZZ Type Self-centering Vibration Screeing Euipment

SZZ Type Self-centering Vibration Screeing Euipment

This series of vibration screen is traditional screening equipment with the widest application, which could be used to classify fine particle materials in the departments of mining, coal, metallurgy, building materials and chemicals. It boasts the advantages of simple structure, convenient operation and adjustment, strong screen vibration, hard blockage of screen holes by materials and high screening efficiency (as high as 90-95%). It plays an important role in the industry of mineral processing especially. 

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SZZ Type Self-centering Vibration Screen Equipment Description

SZZ type self-centering vibration screen is divided into single lay and double layer types with two installation methods of suspension and seat types. Suspension type takes the predominance, and mobile foundation rakes could be coordinated with small screener. Screen structure includes braiding net and punching screen. The motor could be installed on the left or right, which could be installed and provided according to the installation diagram when the users have no special requirements. In the selection, if the screen surface angle needs to be changed, it could be designed in the case of the seat type and realized by the user through adjusting the wire rope length of hook suspension in case of suspension type. The foundation bolt is generally prepared by the users by themselves.

Main Technical Parameters

SZZ Type Self-centering Vibration Screeing Euipment

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