ZKX Series Linear Vibration Screening Equipment

ZKX Series Linear Vibration Screening Equipment

This series of vibration screening equipment is a new type of screening equipment that introduces and absorbs world advanced level of vibration screen technology of American RS Company during the 1980s. Both the product technical performance and quality level achieve the level of foreign similar products. Meanwhile, it has advantages similar as YA series circular vibration screen, which could be applied to industrial departments of mineral processing, coal processing, electrical power, salt manufacturing and sugar manufacturing in the dry and wet types of screen separation, dehydration, media-off and wool-off of fine particle materials. This screen has already been widely applied nationwide, and has won the appraisal of users.

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Vibration Screening Equipment Description

The screening structure includes split screening equipment and weave screen. Punching screen and rubber screen could be chosen, while foundation bolt should be prepared by the user. The feeding trunk is selected by user, and should be specified in ordering if necessary.

Vibration Screening Equipment Features

1. ZKX series linear vibration screen is divided into single layer and double layer with 24 specifications altogether.

2. It adopts trunk type eccentric vibrator with advanced technology and high vibration intensity.

3. It boasts a high processing capacity and high screening efficiency.

4. It adopts the motor to drive the vibrator directly through the shaft joint. It boasts a simple structure, convenient maintenance, stable operation, low noise and long service life.

Main Technical Parameters

ZKX Series Linear Vibration Screening EquipmentScreening Equipment

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