Zhejiang Golden “Internet +” Traditional Equipment Manufacturing Industry


Since its establishment, Zhejiang Golden has gone throu […]

Since its establishment, Zhejiang Golden has gone through two major changes. Firstly, ensured “mineral processing EPC service” as the core business, and concentrated on one-stop services, including test research, mine design, construction installation, commissioning and operation; Secondly, launched the e-commerce plan and utilized the Internet technology and thought, which not only improved the marketing, management, production and service thoroughly, but also expanded the overseas market.

In the four years of e-commerce development, Zhejiang Golden has achieved fruitful results and accumulated valuable transformation experience.

“Internet +” of Traditional Equipment Manufacturing Industry

Since 2011, the world economy has fallen into a recession, the main minerals consumption countries have suffered slower economic growth, the global mining market has been in sluggish, and the price of main minerals commodity has fallen down constantly. The mining companies faced a series of problems, such as overcapacity, profits decline, financing difficulty and survival pressure. Affected by these situations, the mineral equipment manufacturing enterprise and service industry has also suffered the problems of declining revenue, decreasing profit, excess capacity and insufficient construction. Facing the severe situations, only if the equipment manufacturing enterprise overthrow the traditional business thought and development mode, actively transform and upgrade the industry, can they conform to the times’ requirement.