Proper Use of Classifying Equipment can Improve Mine Profitability


Ore sorting is an important aspect of the mining indust […]

Ore sorting is an important aspect of the mining industry and it is moving upwards. Most mining deposits are naturally heterogeneous and are suitable for bulk ore sorting, but should be implemented as early as possible before excessive mixing occurs. The materials presented to the Classifying Equipment need to have sufficient grade variability that occurs in a sufficiently large batch of material to achieve efficient separation.

High grade deposits are rapidly depleting. Therefore, the mining industry must undertake low-grade deposits that are difficult to extract. These deposits require every ton of valuable minerals to be mined, moved and processed in larger quantities. These large quantities of transportation, comminution and processing are expensive and energy intensive.

By removing coarse, barren materials, pre-concentration has the potential to significantly reduce the amount of material that needs downstream processing. If it is done near a mining face, it can potentially reduce ore transportation needs by rejecting barren coal gangue and transporting less ore to the processing plant. Preconcentration effectively upgrades plant feed; each ton of product processes a small amount of ore at the processing plant, thereby reducing the cost per ton of product, energy and water consumption.

Golden Machinery has introduced a new method of processing materials, and we offer ore screening equipment. Our ore screening equipment facilitates the mining, quarrying and recycling operations of the plant. Different sensors and machine types cover a large number of ore and mineral types, enabling physical separation of particles by changing the particle trajectory into a product or waste chute with a precision air ejector. In existing operations with fixed plant capacity, concentrates can be created at very low cost in small or remote mining facilities by using ore sorting equipment due to increased ore grades. Productivity can be increased after sorting. It can reduce the size of downstream processing equipment, reduce capital and operating costs, or increase productivity.