The Reasons Why the Thickening Tank Is Efficient II


Adding inclined plate: This type of thickener is charac […]

Adding inclined plate: This type of thickener is characterized in that a plurality of inclined plates are installed in the upper part of the machine in the circumferential direction. When the material enters the inclined plate assembly device, the flocculation group quickly precipitates to the inclined plate under the action of the inclined plate.

It slides up and down to the cone area of the casing. The material in this area is subjected to the stirring action of the stirring device inside the machine and the vibration of the vibration device installed outside the machine, so that a large amount of water is generated inside and discharged quickly, and the solid is vibrating. It is also more encrypted. Due to the arrangement of the inclined plates, the clarification and compression efficiency of the thickener is greatly improved, and the high-efficiency thickener with high throughput and high underflow concentration is formed.

The high-efficiency Thickening Tank not only has the advantage of high efficiency, but also accomplishes the tasks that ordinary thickening tanks cannot. In the beneficiation industry, there are often dense and fine-grained pulps that need to be thick and clarified. The natural settling speed of such materials is very slow. Ordinary thickeners often fail to achieve the desired results. carry out. At present, many mines still use traditional thickening tanks, which will affect the production capacity of mines to a certain extent. Therefore, the efficient transformation of ordinary thickening tanks is of great significance to the thickening tank.